Friday, March 9, 2012

Easy Cinnamon Rolls {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free}

This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to make cinnamon rolls, allergy-free or not. I love that it is quick and different than the everyday cereal breakfast. My girls are out of school today so I decided to see what I could make 'fun' for breakfast that wouldn't take much time. These were a hit!

Easy Cinnamon Rolls {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free}
1 can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls {open and separate into triangles}
Cinnamon/Sugar mixture {we have a shaker with cinnamon/sugar mixed together at all times}
Smart Balance Light buttery spread {this is dairy-free}
Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting {contains soy}

Spread Smart Balance onto each triangle, then shake the cinnamon/sugar all over the 'butter'. Roll up as you would a regular crescent roll. Bake rolls at 375 for 11-13 min or until golden brown. Melt 3T frosting in microwave for 20 seconds. {Not too long or it will get very thick and gooey.} Drizzle over baked rolls. Serve.

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