Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Great Panini {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free}

I'm pretty sure I fooled some people last year into thinking I was a really good girl because I got some great stuff for Christmas this year! One thing I got was a panini press from my sister and bro-in-law. I've had my eye on these for awhile, but never had bought one and this was my lucky year! So, Hubs and I have been experimenting with our favorite food combinations and I thought I'd share a couple with you.

Ham & Cheese Panini {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free}

Bread of your choice {Preferably thick bread, but sandwich bread works.}
Sliced ham of your choice
1/4 c Tofutti Cream Cheese, softened {this is Dairy-Free}
1-2 Green Onions, chopped
2 T Worcestershire Sauce
Garlic Powder {optional}

Heat up your panini press according to manufacturer's instructions.
Mix together Tofutti Cream Cheese, onions, worcestershire sauce and garlic powder.
Spread Smart Balance Light {Dairy-Free} on the bottom slice of bread. {If you are not allergic to eggs, use Mayo - it browns very nice!} Place on the panini.
Spread cream cheese mixture on top of the bread, add ham slices.
Spread cream cheese mixture onto bottom of the top piece of bread and place cheese side down on the ham.
Spread Smart Balance Light on the top of the top piece of bread and close panini press.
Heat until bread is golden brown.
Serve hot!

Buffalo Chicken Panini {Egg-Free}

Bread of your choice {Egg-Free}
Grilled Chicken, sliced thin
1/4 c Blue Cheese Dressing
3 T Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Pepper Jack Cheese Slices

Heat up panini press. Mix together 1/4 cup Blue Cheese Dressing and 3 T Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Set aside. Spread Smart Balance Light {Dairy-Free} on bottom of bottom slice of bread. Place on panini press. Spread Hot Sauce mixture on top of that piece of bread. Place a slice of pepper jack cheese, then 4 thin slices of grilled chicken. Add blue cheese crumbles. Place another slice of pepper jack cheese on top of that. Then, spread hot sauce mixture on the bottom of the top slice of bread. Place face down on top of cheese. Spread Smart Balace Light on the top of the top piece and close panini press. Grill until golden brown and cheese is melted.
Serve Hot!

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