Friday, December 30, 2011

A Re-introduction...

I've been blogging about food allergies for 3 years now. It's been a huge learning experience for me and my family. One of my daughters has allergies to milk, eggs and peanuts and this is the only life she has known. We discovered her allergy to milk at 8 months old when she had a severe allergic reaction to cow's milk and formula. We avoided it until her first birthday when she had another visible reaction to her birthday cake that did not contain milk. Turns out it was egg whites. So, we took her to an allergist and discovered she was severely allergic to cow's milk (goat's milk ended up giving her the same reaction), eggs and peanuts. We were told she would possibly outgrow one or more by her fifth birthday, but when we took her for a re-check at five years old, she still had all three allergies. The milk allergy appears to be non-life threatening now, but egg has gotten worse and peanut has stayed the same.

I blog in order to journal our lives that are so greatly affected by food allergies, but also to encourage those of you who are just finding out about food allergies and those of you who have been living this lifestyle for awhile. You will find lots of recipes that our family likes and tips/tricks that I use in the kitchen and out to eat.

I am moving my blog to this site because it is much easier to manage and the picture quality is better, in my opinion. So, feel free to go back to my wordpress blog to check out the archives. I have moved most of my posts here to this blog (which is why I have tons of posts dated December 30, 2011), and will have more added as time goes by. I have an 'Eating Out' page on my wordpress blog that may be of help to you. I add to that as I come across allergy-friendly restaurants.

Please subscribe to my posts by email or add me to your favorites to keep checking in. I'd love your feedback, as well.

Thanks for stopping by! The New Year will hopefully be full of new ideas and posts for this allergy blog!

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