Friday, December 30, 2011

It's been awhile...

since I've posted on this blog. We are still very deeply involved in living the allergic life. In only a few more months our daughter will be tested to see if she has outgrown her current allergies and/or developed any new ones. We have done our very best to keep her away from anything and everything that contains milk, eggs or peanuts now for 3 years. We've been praying and asking God to allow her to outgrow her allergies for her own sake and for His glory. Whether He chooses to do that or not, we know that He has a reason for allowing her (and us) to walk this path. She is a good sport about it, but it never gets easier to tell her 'you're allergic to that' or 'you can't have that because it has milk, egg or peanut in it'. In fact, it is getting harder as she gets older. I would love for her to be allergy-free. What a drastic change there would be in her life. The big thing coming up that we will have to face is her Booster Shots for Kindergarten next year. I do not know yet what I will do about that. I don't trust immunizations to be safe for her because of her allergies, but now it's time to do more research and determine the ingredients of the shots she will be needing to get to see if I will allow it or not. We'll see. That's the biggie coming up. I'll let you know how the decisions will fall. Any advice? Comments? Concerns I should be thinking about?

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