Friday, December 30, 2011

Eating Allergy-Free at Disney World

Last Summer we visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for the first time with our little girls! It was a fantastic experience, to say the very least! Much planning went into our 1 day adventure to the Magic Kingdom, and I'd say that 95% of that planning revolved around food allergies and where to eat while we were there. I was pleasantly surprised after much research and an email to to find out that each restaurant will work with your food allergy needs. If you plan to go to WDW and eat in any of the dine-in restaurants, you will want to email the Special Diets team beforehand to plan out your eating arrangements and let them know of your allergies, etc. However, if you are like us and you decide to eat at the counter service places, let them know at the counter of your specific allergies and they will show you their notebook of menu items and all the ingredients listed there. It gave me great peace of mind being able to see if for myself that there were none of my daughter's food allergies in what we were eating. And with that kind of peace of mind, I didn't care too much about paying $50 for hot dog meals for 5!! It was a great experience and I am SO thankful to the Disney Staff who decided to make this type of service available for their food-allergic guests. It made our day so much more magical and worry-free!

You can also check out THIS INFO to find out more about Disney World's food allergy initiatives. Great resource!!

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