Friday, February 10, 2012

15 Minute Caramel Popcorn {Allergy-Free}

Tonight is movie night at our house and you know what that means....popcorn! I decided to jazz it up a little since we're watching one of my all-time favorite Disney movies - Lady and the Tramp. Can't wait to watch this with my girls - and Hubs! Here's the low-down:
15 Minute Caramel Popcorn {Allergy-Free}
{I use Orville Reddenbacher in a jar. Air pop a 1/2 cup kernels = 3-5 quarts popcorn}
In a microwave safe bowl, heat 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup Smart Balance Light, 1/4 cup corn syrup, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp salt for 2 min. Stir, heat another minute. Stir. Then, add 1 tsp baking soda and heat another minute. Stir.


How do you eat your popcorn??

For more yummy popcorn flavors try this and this.

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