Friday, December 30, 2011

Buying Allergy-Free Foods

Occasionally I come across a new allergy-free food find that I haven't heard of previously or I didn't know my store was selling. When that happens, I am so excited {especially when the price is right!}. And today, I sort of hit the jackpot. I normally shop at Publix {because I totally heart Publix's BOGO sales and their friendly staff}, but I decided to head to a local grocery bargain store for some bread and while I was there, I found allergy-free waffles! Van's Natural Foods is the brand and I had never heard of them before today. There are 6 in a box, so I bought 4 boxes today for $1 each. I'm going back to buy more for the deep freezer. I have been looking for a good frozen waffle that my girl can have and now I finally have it! She will be thankful for a little more variety at breakfast. {I make a homemade allergy-free waffle, but sometimes convenience is so much more appealing!}

I also found breaded chicken tenderloins by Allergy-Free Foods Company. They make products free of the 8 most common allergens {wheat/gluten, milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy}. Again, another company I had never before heard of! I got this bag of tenderloins for $2.95. I can get some Tyson frozen breaded chicken products, but they still contain wheat. When I can get it completely allergy-free, that's what I prefer.
What kind of deals have you found lately? What allergy-free brands do you love to buy? And where do you buy them?

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