Friday, December 30, 2011

Allergy-Free Recipes

Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to share with you some of my family's favorite allergy-free recipes! Believe me, folks, I know how hard it is to find yummy allergy-free recipes for the whole family to enjoy together! When I first learned of my child's allergies to milk, eggs and peanuts I was overwhelmed with the reality that cooking meals that the whole family could enjoy together was not going to be an easy task. And it definitely wasn't easy! After searching for allergy-free cookbooks, recipes online, etc. I still had not come up with many meals that our whole family enjoyed and to be honest, some of the ingredients required things I had just never heard of, let alone can find in a local store. So, I went back to cooking normal meals for the rest of us and a separate dish for my daughter. This is both tiring and expensive. I'm looking forward to sharing with you the meals that have become pretty standard for this household - and what do you know? We all enjoy them! Stay Tuned!

If you have any delicious allergy-free recipes that your family loves, post them here! I'd love to try them!

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